What Should You Do When Your Engine Overheats

Engine overheating is one of the most common car problems that drivers face this time of year. As a result, it is important for drivers to be able to detect the cues of overheating. If you know what is ahead, then it won't catch you in complete shock. 

One of the first signs of overheating is smoke or steam coming from under the hood. Another way you can verify that it is overheating is by looking at the temperature gauge. If the temperature gauge reads high, then it means your car is too hot. While these signs may be very alarming, it is crucial that you stay calm. 

Following the detection of the signs mentioned above, you should first turn your car heater on. While it may seem odd, turning the heat on actually draws the heat away from your car engine. Next, you should find a safe spot to pull over. You turn off the engine as soon as your vehicle is able to stop. Turning off the car allows the engine to cool down quicker. 

You might consider opening the hood to check things out, but we highly advise against doing this right away. You should wait for at least 15 minutes before looking under the hood. You don't want to risk getting burned by hot engine steam.

If you don't feel comfortable doing so, you can skip the above step and jump right to calling for roadside assistance. You'll need a fresh supply of coolant to get your engine to a stable temperature. Even after you've topped off your car with the antifreeze mixture, it is vital that you bring your car to a trusted auto repair shop for inspections and service. 

If you require engine or cooling system service or repairs, please call or visit Auto Pro today.

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