What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Oxygen Sensor?

Most modern cars have complex self-monitoring systems which use a computer to interpret signals from the car. The data is crucial to ensuring all parts of the vehicle work properly, including the oxygen sensors. Oxygen sensors check if the car has enough oxygen and report the data to the powertrain control module (PCM). Bad sensors will send the wrong information to the computer and cause more severe issues. It would be best to know the symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor to take corrective action. The following are the symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor:

Check Engine Light Is On

A bad oxygen sensor is an engine problem ,and if the car's computer is working correctly, a damaged oxygen sensor may turn on the check engine light. The check engine light could mean many things are wrong with the engine. You should take the vehicle to a repair shop to find out what engine issue is turning on the light, which may be the bad oxygen sensor.

High Fuel Consumption

An engine with a bad oxygen sensor is inefficient, and will result in higher fuel consumption. The PCM will be sending more fuel to the engine because the sensors detect a lack of oxygen. You will notice that a tank of gas is not covering the same distance it used to, and you will be spending a lot on fuel.

Rough Idle and Hesitation

A car with good oxygen sensors starts immediately when you ignite it because there will be enough oxygen. If you notice that your vehicle has a rough idle or hesitation when you start, it may be a sign of damaged oxygen sensors. Bad oxygen sensors will lead to inadequate or excess fuel being sent to the engine hence the ignition issues.

Black Exhaust Fumes

Dark exhaust fumes are a sign of something wrong with the engine, which might be bad oxygen sensors. Lack of oxygen will cause combustion issues manifested as dark exhaust smoke, which is supposed to be clear.

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