Safety Tips for a Fun Fourth of July


Independence Day is days away. Many of you will be swimming, grilling, driving, lighting fireworks, drinking, or all of the above. While these activities are fun, you should know they come with their hazards. Specifically, did you know that the 4th is the most dangerous day for drivers in America? Read on to learn about how you can stay safe and have fun this holiday:



  • Keep children away from the grill.
  • Never leave an open grill unattended.
  • Practice safe food handling, and don’t let any foods sit out in the danger temperature zone for more than two hours.


  • Only light fireworks outdoors in a clear area and avoid pointing them towards people or other structures.
  • Have a bucket of water nearby just in case things go wrong.
  • Make sure the person setting off the fireworks is sober.
  • Keep fireworks away from children. Sparklers are okay, but keep an eye out on them.
  • Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before using them.
  • Keep your pets indoors after sunset since they can easily startle them.


  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water, especially if it is going to be a hot Fourth of July.
  • Lather on that sunscreen. 
  • Keep an eye out on children.
  • Wear eye protection.


  • Use your signal, especially when passing other cars
  • Give other cars their space to avoid a collision
  • Limit your time on the road during the busiest times, which is ~4pm to 8pm.
  • Keep your phone out of sight to avoid texting/calling and driving
  • Do not drink and drive - most accidents that occur on the 4th are due to drunk driving.

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