How To Take Care of Your Car Tires

Taking care of your vehicle is one thing but taking care of its tires is another. Tire maintenance is a significant investment that comes with lots of benefits. With proper maintenance, car tires last longer, thus improving your vehicle's traction. Some of the benefits include;

  • Improved energy efficiency and fuel saving
  • Enhancing the safety of both you and your passengers
  • Cost saving as there won't be the need for monthly or yearly tire replacement

Below, we'll discuss some vital tips for making your vehicle tires last long.

1. Have then rotated regularly

Rotating car tires regularly prevents uneven wear and tear of the tire tread. Generally, front tires wear out faster because front tires turn when a vehicle takes a turn, which is why it's essential to rotate the tires once or twice a year or about every 6000 miles. This ensures the front and back tears wear out evenly.

2. Inspect them regularly

Vehicle tires can sustain wear and tear or significant damage without you realizing it. You can only notice such problems through a thorough visible inspection. Consider inspecting your car tires regularly and have a professional look them up at least once yearly.

3. Check the tire pressure

It's essential to check your vehicle's tire air pressure more often, considering every car has its air pressure specification. Air pressure in a tire is based on the vehicle's steering design, weight, suspension, and more.

Driving a vehicle without the proper air pressure impairs its performance, especially in wet weather. Also, cold weather causes rapid fluctuation of tire pressure. That's why it's vital to check your vehicle's air pressure using a gauge and add more air if necessary.

4. Mind your load index

Vehicle tires are designed to withstand so much weight but are limited depending on the type of vehicle. Check the owner's manual to check how much weight it can hold. The load being carried can also affect the tire pressure, causing overheating and destruction of tires. An auto mechanic can help determine your vehicle's weight.

For a great driving experience, your ride needs to be safe and enjoyable, which is possible with proper tire maintenance. If you need to inspect or change your car tires, we invite you to visit Auto Pro today!

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