5 Spring Maintenance Tips

With the snow melting away and the weather starting to look more like spring, your car will need some care. Why? Because during the winter, parts and systems in your vehicle have gone through some wear. Also, certain things have to be done at least once per season to make sure your vehicle will last as long as possible. From tires to particular maintenance of the engine systems, all of them are important and should not be ignored. That's why we will give you five of the most important things to check before you go into the 2023 spring season.

Tires are widely ignored or driven until they obviously need changing. The first thing you should do is change them for a new set appropriate for the correct season and weather. Then go in for a quick wheel alignment and pressure check. This is the bare minimum you should consider doing - it will greatly improve grip and the ability to control the vehicle.

One of the best things you can do after the winter, or in general, after any season, is a tune-up. Mechanics check on all important systems and parts, ensuring they work as intended, and if not, change or repair them. This will make sure you won't get surprised by an oil leak or a failing ignition in the upcoming spring season.

Oil Change
An oil change on its own can greatly impact your vehicle. It improves the lifespan and performance of the engine while being one of the most affordable maintenance procedures. Make sure you add this quick and simple procedure to your spring maintenance list.

Battery Check 
Especially in cold weather, batteries tend to depreciate and deteriorate. This calls for a change or at least an inspection after the winter. Sometimes, it can even be corroded, resulting in an electrical problem.

Air Filters
Before your engine gets its much-needed air, it goes through a filter. It catches everything that can cause damage to the cylinders. But the thing is that it clogs up with debris and particles - needing regular changes.

The Team At Auto Pro Can Help Out!

If you want any of these procedures performed on your vehicle, make sure to book an appointment or visit us at Auto Pro. We will prepare your car for spring and make sure everything will work properly for a long time ahead!

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